Thursday, 12 October 2017

Amy Bramble Charity Yoga Bags

As I have my first ever BWY Foundation Course starting next year, an autumnal weekend retreat in November and 5 weekend retreats scheduled for 2018, I thought it might be nice to order some canvas bags for yogis to put all their course materials/ retreat goodies in when they go home.

I took the bag samples to class a couple of months ago and asked for second opinion on which ones to go for and several people asked if I might have some available for sale too.

So.... I decided to order 200 instead of 100 (!) and sell the second half with proceeds going to a good cause. 

I've decided therefore to donate £2.50 from each bag sold to the Theydon Garnon Scouts who are based just next door the Epping Golf Club on Fluxs Lane and are currently fundraising for a new hut.  These guys have been great neighbours for many years.  In 2013, I held my first ever outdoor workshop on their grass outside and they also very kindly allow us to use their car park on Saturday mornings and during our Sunday Day Retreats so that we leave some room at the golf club car park for the golfers.

If you'd like a bag, they will go on sale at the Christmas party  (on Friday 15 December) and cost £5 each.