About Me

My name is Amy Bramble and I'm a yoga teacher and yoga therapist.  I've been practising yoga regularly since the beginning of 2009 when I quickly realised how much I loved the practice, the community, the philosophy and how yoga made me feel.

I began teaching in Epping in March 2012 and I currently offer 12 friendly adult classes each week at our newly refurbished studio upstairs at Epping Golf Club. I also run a class for teens and their parents during term time.

I have students of all ages, with all levels of fitness and ability, from runners and cyclists and gym goers, to those living with a wide range of health conditions.  Everyone practices together at their own level and I focus on enabling students to feel included and welcome whatever we are practising. 

and I am an approved British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course Tutor. I am currently running this 60 hour course for 15 students who wish to take their practice to the next level, either for personal development or as a stepping stone to undertaking Yoga Teacher Training.

Our Studio at Epping Golf Club
My teaching is inspired by all that I have learnt and experienced to date, my hunger and enthusiasm for learning, my love of nature and community and a deep seated need to regularly smile and laugh.

I do hope you find something here to interest you...... 


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Qualifications and Training:
My teaching is particularly inspired by studies and practice with Judith Hanson Lasater, Lisa Kaley Isley, Anna Blackmore, Penny Roberts, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Ling Mann, Suzanne Lahusen, Karen Atkinson, Marc Beuvain, Kate Binnie, Jill Amison; my students and finally, my friend, teacher and student Beryl Lovegrove.

Updated May 2018